What have you been up to? Submit a review or a creative piece for yabal babble, the Barrington Area Library’s space on the web for area young adults.

For reviews, be sure to email the Young Adult librarian with your name (you can post anonymously, simply mention that), the title and author of the material you’re reviewing, what you liked about the material and what you didn’t like, and whether or not you would recommend it to other people. Reviews aren’t limited to books–review CDs, movies and DVDs, video games, audiobooks, and websites.

If you are submitting creative material, please keep the material G-rated, as this site is for everyone in the Barrington area (and beyond). If you have a Barrington Area Library card and are in grades 9-12, we’re interested in your creative ways to express yourself!  Photos, art, films, jewelry, stories, poems … anything you can create, we want to see! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your submission (how long you’ve been artistic, inspiration for your piece). Email the Young Adult librarian to submit.

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