Review by Anya D.

At Briarwood Academy, fencing is their big-time sport. All of the boys who fence for the school team are close friends. Hayden is the captain of the team, with Luke as his troubled right-hand man. When a new kid, Russel, comes to the school and tries to pick a fight with Hayden, both are out for blood. So one night when Russel is found dead, with Luke and Hayden the only witnesses, the blame is put on Hayden. Did he really murder him, or is it just a hazing gone bad? Luke is the only witness. He has to decide if he wants to bail out his best friend, or send him to jail.

         This book never told you up-front what was happening. It made you imply a lot of the things on your own. Which is okay if you like that. Some people don’t. But it was a little hard to follow. But other than that it was interesting because you hear about college sororities and fraternities hazing gone array all the time, sometimes even as bad as this. So you could connect it to that. It was a very interesting book.

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