VOYA Winners

January 4, 2011

These are the three poems from the more than 50 fifty submissions received that we are sending on to the national level for the VOYA Poetry Competition.

Thank you to everyone who submitted; it was not easy to decide on only three! Keep writing.

Babcia and the Light by Olga L.

In loving memory of Grandma (Babcia)

Babcia always left an impact

You would smile, think, cry

She stayed intact in your heart

Like craters on the moon

They are forever

The memories Babcia made

Would make you cry, smile, think

They were never forgot

Like old photographs

They never leave our minds

Everything that left Babcia’s lips

Really made one think, smile, cry

Her speech meant so much

Like a baby’s first words

Printed in our recollections

Every time Babcia spoke of life

You wanted to smile, cry, think

She gave you a passion for living

Like love does to a person

You don’t want to leave it

Every time Babcia spoke of death

I always cried, thought, smiled

She said it’d make her happy

Like the sun does each morn

It brings a new light

Pencil by Amanda P.

Ideas flowing easily

Tip touches the paper

Words magically appear

The words fit together

Like a puzzle

To make a story

The pencil getting shorter

The story getting longer


Spring Haiku by Paige S.

Winter melts away

Bright blue cradled in the nest

Robin sings her song

Thanks again to all who participated. If you’re a high school student and looking for somewhere to exhibit your creativity (poetry, short stories, art, photographs, etc) email me and I’ll post your work on the blog.



Fantastic video

October 1, 2010

238 Studios has done it again, produced a fantastic video for Barrington High School! Magic is a lot of fun to watch and there are some incredibly talented students at BHS! Keep up the fantastic work!

24/7 Contest Winners!

August 10, 2010

I know I’m a day late in posting, and for that I apologize.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the 24/7 Art Contest either by submitting or voting, I really appreciate it. Next year I think we’ll go back to the art contest being in the physical world as well as the virtual.

Now let me share with you our three winners!

In third place, is Kayleigh K.’s piece, entry #7:

In second place, Dana H.’s piece, entry #8:

And in first place, Anna F.’s piece, entry #3:


Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated! Keep in mind the Teen Gallery in the Library begins September 3rd–if you’re interested in submitting, email me.

The entries are all in! It’s time to email me with the number of your favorite 24/7 Art Contest submission. Make sure you see all 10 submissions. Votes will be tallied all week.

Good luck to the artists and thanks for participating.

24/7 Art Contest

August 1, 2010

Final entry:

Entry 10

24/7 Art Contest

July 30, 2010

Down to the wire!

Entry 9

(I didn’t rotate the image because it was submitted to me this way and I didn’t want to corrupt the quality of it.)

Still want to submit? Tomorrow’s the last day!

24/7 Art Contest

July 19, 2010

The next entry:

Entry 8

There’s still time to enter! Submissions due 7/31 to Stephanie.